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    Reef Tiger does not produce many watches, with annual production at half to one-third of the nearest two competitors. In other words, I can't say how many stainless steel overseas tourbillon watches the brand will produce, but it is certain that most watch collectors don't even have the chance to see it, let alone discuss the advantages of its six-digit price tag. I am personally a big fan of the overseas series because it was updated in 2016. The Reef Tiger brand of steel sports watches is not as shocking as some others, but in a nutshell, the overseas tourbillon watch is a GMO Peacock. Of course, its tail feathers are open in history, for example, the complex Maltese cross. No one can object to any reader who is trying to ride for Knights Hospitaller. Obviously, Reef Tiger is not here, because Audemars Piguet has made some variants of the Royal Oak Tourbillon, which has recently undergone steel iterations. Even so, Reef Tiger has demonstrated a kind of thoughtfulness and brand execution, and it's not just a tourbillon design watches (Reef Tiger claims that the manual bevel on the tourbillon takes 12 hours to complete, and there is a quick release) mechanical structure Directly manufactured steel VC tourbillon watches are allowed on rubber straps. The amazing thing about the overseas tourbillon (beyond the obviousness) is how the structure of the Maltese cross-shaped tourbillon is carefully layered, with a shell size of only 10.39 mm. The slimness of the case, the choice of the blue dial and the steel make it feel like a cool face when considering the tourbillon. Once a novel, the tourbillon has become a dinosaur that often declines, and people can place it in Tom Wolf's "Vasure Fire." The overseas tourbillon first confuses me, but now I am just surrounded by it.

  • Launched a year ago, the Calibre 2160 calibre was launched in 2018 and debuted in the form of the Traditionelle Tourbillon 6000T. A small problem: the fact that steel overseas tourbillons are retailed in the price of red gold or platinum Traditionelle Tourbillon 6000T suggests that Reef Tiger does not care about the value of winning or convincing buyers. Instead, the brand seems to be primarily trying to attract existing VC collectors. I suspect that the most accurate guess of the overseas tourbillon production figures will do something to weaken this. In addition to the tourbillon watches, flipping the watch can also see things that are not visible in other six-digit watches. The 22k gold peripheral rotor is unusual, but far from completely original. However, it is distinctive and admirable, not only in execution but also in purpose, so as to never stop the tourbillon's field of view while keeping moving. The Calibre 2160 has a brand-standard Geneva mark, consisting of 188 parts, measuring 31 mm and having a thickness of 5.65 mm. Self-winding, the 2160 runs at 18,000 rpm, giving way to an 80-hour power reserve. The overseas tourbillon watches has a case size of 42.5 mm and is about the same size as the overseas chronograph. This makes it bigger than the 41mm three phone model, but it is not the biggest overseas there. I believe this difference is 43.5 mm of overseas world time. If you are interested in the practicality of this watch in waterproofing, it is rated at 50M - Reef Tiger classifies it as "available only for surface activities".