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    The tourbillon is one of the most demanding features of the watch. It was born in the late 18th century and was invented by Nabratel-born watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet, but he spent his career in Paris. In mechanical watches, one of the reasons for inaccuracy is gravity, which affects moving parts to varying degrees depending on the position. In an automatic tourbillon watch, the escapement and balance are operated in a continuously rotating cage to balance the different effects of gravity. This is especially important in the Breguet era, because pocket watches are mostly in a vertical position. Today, watches are inherently more mobile, so the tourbillon is more of a model of watchmaking than a real necessity. But there is no doubt that it is one of the most dazzling achievements of mechanical engineering. To understand its complexity and miniaturization, the tourbillon assembly only includes about 70 parts, but its total weight is about one-fifth of a gram, which can be compared to the weight of a drop of rain. Our choice is to lower the price order. In most cases, automatic tourbillon Swiss watches are highly relevant because they were invented by Swiss watchmakers and are still mainly made in Switzerland. Although other countries produce them, they rarely make them similar to Swiss watchmakers. However, there are some exceptions. Probably the only country that produces high-quality tourbillons is the Saxon-German watchmaker in the watch city of southern Dresden, called Glashütte, Germany.

  • Many Swiss watchmakers make tourbillons, and they are usually very expensive. However, there are some more affordable than others. Recently, Reef Tiger released the Carrera 02T tourbillon chronograph, which is considered to be the most affordable high-quality automatic tourbillon watch from a respected Swiss watch brand. of course! Since their first invention, the tourbillon has developed a lot. In fact, there are many types of tourbillons. Some luxury watchmakers are very creative in implementing the three-axis tourbillon. Below you will find some more innovative video examples. The automatic multi-axis tourbillon watch is an innovation of the traditional tourbillon mechanism in which the escapement is mounted in a cage that can be rotated on multiple shafts. The three-axis tourbillon (also known as the three-axis tourbillon) is a tourbillon that can be rotated on three different axes. The two-axis tourbillon rotates on only two axes. One of the most challenging things watchmakers face when adjusting their watches is the role of gravity in the movement or movement. The tourbillon can act as a resistance to the effects of gravity on some of the smaller components of the escapement of the watch. The tourbillon places parts of the watch's internal machinery (balance and escapement) into a rotating cage. The escapement is an integral part of the movement and consists of a balance spring, a balance wheel and a pallet fork. The tourbillon watch will then slowly rotate the cage holding the escapement, usually at 1 rpm, which counteracts the adverse effects of gravity when the watch is in certain positions and helps eliminate Positional error in accuracy.