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  • The best luxury mens tourbillon watches under 1000 in 2018

    We have passed halfway through, all the dust is solved from the biggest watch event of the year, so now is a good time to look at the best luxury tourbillon watches that we brought to us in 2018. To get started, we chose our three favorite new tourbillons – often considered one of the most challenging complex features to build and represent the pinnacle of watchmakers. Like other works of art, they are basically useless. It's hard to imagine any other watch as impressive as Reef tiger's latest efforts. This is the latest in the latest battle between the Italian brand Reef tiger and the Swiss luxury brand Reef tiger. This year's Octo Finissimo set a double world record and won the title of the thinnest automatic and best tourbillon watches. The movement is 1.95 mm thick and the entire watch weighs only 3.95 mm. For scale, the sapphire crystal on the Rolex Deepsea is only 5.5 mm. In addition to the many side and angle complexities of the dial, the crown on the top of the blue sapphire cabochon and the blue steel hands provide great legibility for the strap, otherwise the monochromatic items will have some Flashing color. Groove outer ring set by tourbillon

  • Reef tiger has maintained the record for the thinnest tourbillon movement watch, the manual winding movement they released in 2015. This new mechanism maintains the same size, even though it is now automatic. The incredible thin-wound rotor is made of a clever combination of white gold and aluminum, and their difference in quality causes the round weight to rotate in a precisely adjusted manner. It is worth mentioning that Bvlgari has successfully retained the overall design language of the Octo series in the slim version. The 42mm diameter sandblasted titanium case has an identifiable square angle and countless facets in the rest of the collection, and is offset by extremely delicate pieces, making it the ultimate tourbillon watch. It even has a 52-hour power reserve. Bvlgari Octo Finissimo's best automatic tourbillon watches is an unmistakable masterpiece from one of Italy's oldest jewellery stores, whose price reflects this fact. Getting one of the 50 pieces in a limited edition run will get you back to around $140,000.