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  • The cheap Chinese flying automatic tourbillon watches in 2019

    Gravity affects the sensitive part of the watch, especially as the spring of the watch timing adjuster. Of course, there are other issues, such as temperature, vibration, pinning position and magnetic force that affect the watch over time, but they have been solved by introducing new materials and better technology. Gravity is still a constant force that can affect the accuracy of the cheap tourbillon watch movement. Enter the tourbillon mechanism. Developed by Abraham-Louis Breguet in the 1790s, it aims to counteract the effects of gravity by constantly rotating the balance. Corrected the position error so that the watch can be accurately calculated with only a few seconds of deviation. Although the cheap tourbillon watches mechanism was originally designed to improve accuracy, it later became a decorative addition to watch design. The luxurious modern watch will showcase the craftsmanship and sophistication of the tourbillon. Swiss watches with this mechanism cost thousands of dollars, giving a unique and extravagant feel. However, in modern mechanical watchmaking processes, the tourbillon has nothing to do with the accuracy of the timepiece. They were also very rare at the time but now, with the increased availability of watches and materials, the tourbillon is easier to produce. In addition, the arrival of Chinese manufacturers offering affordable tourbillon watches has greatly reduced the market price of watches that carry the above-mentioned institutions. Reef Tiger has been in the industry for more than a decade, serving customers in North America and the rest of the world. They offer a variety of styles, from classics and sports to fashion and sophistication. They offer some of the cheapest Chinese tourbillon watches on the market. Reef Tiger's cheap tourbillon mens watches case is 42.5mm AK493 Moonphase with stainless steel and bezel, calfskin strap with deployment buckle, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, Roman numeral hour indicator, moon phase complex at 3 o'clock Function, tourbillon mechanism at 6 o'clock, double time small dial and mechanical movement at 9 o'clock

  • advantage: With a high quality feel and a high-end look, you can mistake it for a watch that is 10 times more expensive. It has dual time and moon phase functions and is usually seen in high-end tourbillon watches. Water resistant to 50 meters Disadvantages: No lume on the hand and the mark The strap looks bad The poor color contrast between the hand and the dial makes the reading time a bit more challenging, but the fish and the bear's paw can't have both