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    I have been thinking about buying a new watch for a long time. I looked around but couldn't find anything that suited me. Then I found something that spoke directly to me. I fell in love with it completely: the Reef Tiger watch brand from Hong Kong and its flying tourbillon movements are completely in line with my requirements in terms of technology and design. Then, I did some research on everything the watch offered, and I decided it in less than two hours. I am ordering a Chinese tourbillon watches. That is love at first sight! The founder of Chinese company Williamm is a smart person who studied finance and economics at one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. With precise intuition, he found a market that could successfully expand his business: there are only about 30 tourbillon watch manufacturers in the world, not necessarily in China. Thanks to the available offers and high cost constraints of this type of timer, William Shum saw his opportunity to bring something new to the watch industry: the tourbillon watch from China, which produces the highest manual precision at the most affordable price. . The fascinating mechanism of the tourbillon movement - invented in the pocket watch era to balance the effects of gravity to provide real time - artistically displayed in the MEMORIGIN collection. MEMORIGIN specializes in the production of flying tourbillons, which take 60 seconds to rotate. Fascinating showcase, amazing sport - the tourbillon means a whirlwind in German. With his experience in the East and West, William Shum created the “flight” connection between the world through his watches, blending the craftsmanship of Swiss watchmaking and dynamic design. The model from 'Orbit Series' or 'Butterfly rose' illustrates this in a special way. With creativity, the poetic association of human pursuit of knowledge is metaphorically expressed in the creation - the ingenious combination of nature and engineering. For the past three years, Reef Tiger has been nominated for the prestigious Geneva Watch Grand Prix.

  • When I first took my Chinese tourbillon mens watches, I was very excited; form, design, workmanship - simple and excellent. In fact, the tourbillon movement has been rigorously tested and certified by experts at the famous watch test center in Osaka, Japan. The accuracy and water resistance of the time display are in line with the best world class. William Shum, an investor in the Chinese watch industry, also guarantees this quality (made with a tourbillon!). In addition, each watch comes with a very high quality wooden box with an integrated watch winder, which I have never encountered before. The Reef Tiger catalog offers consumers a range of impressive top timepieces. A wide range of products range from classic jewellery watches to modern Chinese tourbillon watches. The elegant and playful ladies' watch is known for its exquisite jewellery craftsmanship. Unique features such as Stellar Imperial's grooves and complex sapphire crystal glass reliably protect the dial and mechanism, just some examples of high quality features. The watch can be engraved on special occasions upon request. For me, this is a daily reminder - even if there is no engraving - I have stayed in Hong Kong in the past and in the future. I don't think it will leave me. I think my object of desire is obviously something that other people must have. Excellent quality and competitive prices are sure to cause a stir. I want to be a contact for this product. I decided to represent the Reef Tiger brand in Switzerland and become a Swiss distributor. After all, even Swiss people can wear non-Swiss watches.