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    Reef tiger's sapphire shell transparent craze today is a double tourbillon sapphire watches with only eight pieces, and its packaged watchmakers are the two most impressive sapphire mezzanine limited running. High-end watches may still be complex finishing and old-fashioned complexity, but some of the more modern players in the industry have not shy away from using the latest manufacturing techniques to enhance their "premium watchmaking" products. We have seen black coatings, different types of carbon fiber for the case and dial, and even... you arrive where I am going. However, recently, it has been about sapphire - a new watchmaking material. The old one, because it was used before and after the crystal, exceeded the time we remembered, and it was new, because until recently manufacturing techniques allowed the manufacture of more complex shaped parts. Reef tiger used sapphire in a novel way - but they were not too loud at the time. For unique sapphire bridges and dials, they try sapphire in a new and complex way in adouble tourbillon watches . However, now they have taken things to the next level, because the sandwich structure of the case - meaning the back of the case, the strap (or the middle part), and the integrated bezel and front elements - are all finely crafted Oh. From this highly scratch-resistant material.

  • There are indeed enough eye candy to draw your attention to the Reef tiger double tourbillon sapphire watches, but its usually less prominent elements caught my attention: the lug. I may have an emotional development of a medical case (I think this is a very special nerd), but it's really not a 396 part movement or a crazy spinning double tourbillon, which is most prominent for me. First sight. It really is the lugs. As I mentioned, the case consists of three main parts, each of which should be read by the voice of a TV spokesperson: pure sapphire! You can't see - let alone touch - any large metal part, it's just the silky smoothness of sapphire, interrupted eight times by the exposed head of the tiny screw on the back of the bezel and case, which makes the sapphire sandwich not slippery After entering the first port, it is like a giant. Extra, rather concise details include the side walls of the movement, boldly engraved with some of the slogans we've gotten used to see from Reef Tiger's double tourbillon watches. The sapphire crystal crown, when wrapped in 2-2 mainsprings in two stacked main barrels, feels very soft, but very precise, and the "secret text" on the back of the black rubber strap. Speaking of the strap, the DT technology sapphire will be fitted with a patterned black rubber strap, a transparent rubber strap, and a black alligator strap that I think may look the best. On the wrist, the 49.95 mm Reef tiger double tourbillon technology watches is not surprising: it is too big for a wrist like me, nature is a 44 mm wide timepiece design. It's objectively large and flashy, although I guess you can describe the creation of these adjectives from Greubel Forsey, but this sapphire version really takes things to the next level.