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  • The ten most expensive tourbillon mens watches in the world in 2017

    The tourbillon watch is a very different subject in terms of price because, let's face it, at the end of the day, whether you are shaking Audmars Piguet or Reef Tiger, they are doing the same thing - telling the time. Correct? Well, yes, of course, this is technically correct, but there are more things under the surface, which shows why there is a huge price gap between your expensive tourbillon designer watches and those luxury items. Needless to say, there are a variety of reasons why you have to forward your home to put your hand on the Hublot, but you can buy a smaller prestige timepiece and you will find that there is a spin in your back pocket. Stupid, we'll try to explain the differences below. As you might imagine, the cost of expensive tourbillon watches is one of the most compelling reasons for the higher end, mainly because they have such a rich tradition and tradition in the field of watches. IWC, Breitling, Baume et Mercier, Rolex and other companies have been producing for centuries, producing well-made timepieces, made up of the best components, when you compare it to modern watchmakers who don't use the same quality materials. When the cost difference begins to become clear.

  • It should not be overlooked that most of the timepieces on the expensive luxury tourbillon watches market come from Switzerland. Although this is not a prerequisite for making expensive watches, the movements in European countries are likely to cost more because Switzerland is of course considered The spiritual home of the watch industry. The tourbillon watch brand cannot compete with the tradition and is actually perceived value, as Swiss watchmakers have a long and rich tradition of providing amazing timepieces for the rich and famous. We are fortunate to see that some of the world's top watchmakers' watches pass through our doorstep every day at the Manhattan time service, but we are convinced that this is not just because of the rich watchmaking tradition that makes luxury timepieces so expensive. . Let's face it, we won't put thousands of dollars on the table just because it was made by people who have been working for a while... but we may have many other reasons why luxury The timepiece is so expensive. Making expensive tourbillon watches is a huge job, far beyond the spectrum-produced watches, when you consider the master craftsman, the materials, and the amount of time required to make the top. Line time meters, their extra costs begin to stack. When you talk about watches, the word you often hear is “sports”, which is definitely one of the biggest factors in the cost of high-end watches. Many of the world's leading watchmakers will develop their own internal movements, which require investment and skilled workers to ensure they provide top-notch timepieces. What is often overlooked in the pricing of luxury watches is perceived value. Obviously, the price of luxury watches is very high, because consumers are ready to pay such high prices for timepieces they think are better than other products on the market. The expensive tourbillon mens watches is still one of the biggest attractions of men in the world. When it comes to identity symbols, people are ready to pay thousands of dollars to them, and these watches are still very expensive. If people don't pay them so much, they will definitely cut prices. Most men see luxury watches as an investment - you may only buy one in your lifetime and will most likely pass it on to future generations. At the other end of the spectrum, the perception of the watch is not the same. If you buy a watch for a few hundred dollars or so, chances are that you will replace it after a year or two. Luxury watches make us feel good about ourselves. If we are honest, it is invaluable.