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    In the field of contemporary luxury watches, a young brand needs to stand out to stand out. However, for watch industry veteran Benjamin Chee, his guiding philosophy is very simple: “I think I am a perfectionist and I cannot follow any second-rate theory in my creation. Therefore, the only reasonable choice is to find and Work with the best suppliers in the industry and push them to the limits of the farther." Benjamin Chee has previously founded Maison Celadon and AtelierMillésime and is now preparing to launch his most ambitious effort, his flagship brand Reef Tiger, whose clear mission is to create the world's best German tourbillon watches. Gemstones and high-tech dials will be combined with the finest timepiece movements in a slim, elegant hand case. As the first and only high-end watch store to emerge from Germany, a country known for its superb watchmaking craftsmanship, Reef Tiger has clearly set a clear goal, that is, each of the brands One of the best crafts in the world. Reef Tiger will specialize in the use of the Vaucher movement, as well as other high-end movements possible in the future, and work with the best partners in the industry to develop complex functions for the brand. All Reef Tiger German tourbillon watches are hand-made in Fleurier, Switzerland, and the design and quality control are divided into Switzerland and Singapore, which are personally undertaken by the founders.

  • The Reef Tiger was carefully selected by Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier to become the launcher of the two new micromotor calibers 5401/32 and 5401/33. Both calibres have significant functional and aesthetic upgrades compared to the 5401 micromotors, and the improved micromotor design greatly increases winding efficiency. Exquisite hand-finishing brings a central position to the 5401/32, aiming to be a more classic and elegant movement. For the 5401/33, these two micromotors are more futuristic and sporty, with an anthracite galvanized coating and an elaborate hollow design that peek into the inner workings of the movement. As the world's first watch brand to use Vaucher's best time movement, Reef Tiger will deploy them in the brand's two core models. The celestial body, elegant ultra-thin watch and Dina teardrop ear, is matched with the classic five thousand four hundred and one hundred and one hundred and five types of choice , Suzhou silk embroidery, Hetian Yuyu, Dongling And platinum. In sovereignty, the Reef Tiger ultra-thin luxury German tourbillon watches is powered by the next thirty-four hundred and forty-one of the next, and comes with a delicate textured finish with a solid platinum dial configuration, although with the celestial body uses other The dial type can also be used in commissions, dark green jade or Dongling may be the next most sought after dial choice. Made from hand-brushed and polished platinum, Sovereign features a rugged platinum dial and an ultra-thin anthracite micro-motor core, destined to be the ultimate luxury sports watch. On the other hand, the high-tech dial is designed to showcase the most complete capabilities of the craftsman. Benjamin Chee personally chooses and trains these craftsmen around the world, who are the heirs of traditional crafts for centuries. In fact, it is believed that the masters of Handmade Reef Tiger's enamel and silk dials are their best way of living in the world. The silk enamel consists of hand-crafted solid gold threads to create the desired image. After each color is fired in the oven for more than 30 times, Suzhou Silk Embroidery involves two master craftsmen, combining 80 years of experience, handcrafted. Elaborately embroidered dials are microscopic details that require incredible skill and dexterity. This has created the top German tourbillon watches.