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    If the world of clocks changes dramatically, it is the concept of a female tourbillon watch. When the ladies were considered rude and inappropriate in the 19th century, they rebelled by entrusting a secret watch that looked like jewelry, which gave them the responsibility of other masculinities. Over the years, this bold spirit has grown exponentially, as they have not only hidden their watches, but their demand for watches that rival those of men’s watches has become more apparent, just like the exquisite ladies tourbillon watches. . Although the tourbillon has become an aesthetic experience rather than a functional experience, the complexity is still fascinating, and watchmakers have found a way to cater to fairer sex without affecting charm. Unlike the usual perseverance and simple dials, precious stones are often used in women's tourbillon watches, as well as hand-crafted crafts such as fine or hand-painted. This ladies tourbillon watch was designed for women until the First World War was considered too feminine for most men. Fashion has changed, and from a technical point of view, men's watches have created an innovative style in the past few decades. The technological advantages of women's watches and the challenge of producing mechanical movements are becoming more and more popular, especially at the top of the watch industry, and this trend has changed again.

  • The design concept of the tourbillon is to improve the performance of the watch produced by Breguet. The purpose of the tourbillon is to minimize the rate change between the flat and vertical positions of the watch. Breguet found that the biggest cause of this rate change is the effect of gravity on the balance and balance springs. His goal is to solve this problem to improve the performance of his watch. The tourbillon complication features placing the balance and spring in a rotating cage with the rotating cage in the same plane as the dial. In theory, this should keep better time because it will provide the same average rate for all vertical positions. It seems quite straightforward, but over time, people have hinted that it didn't help at all. In fact, many people think that the tourbillon is actually more of an obstacle than a help. For them, there is evidence that the tourbillon is useless in watches. While the top ladies tourbillon watches have become more like an aesthetic experience than a functional watch, the complex features are still fascinating, and watchmakers have found a way to cater to a fairer gender without compromising charm. . Unlike the usual perseverance case and simple dial, precious gemstones are often used in women's tourbillon watches, as well as handcrafted crafts such as fine or manual painting.

  • The two floors of the Reef Tiger are covered in works of natural style. This Ladies tourbillon watches features a gem-set case hidden in the finely painted magnolia, mimicking nature with its movement. At the same time, Chopard and Girard-Perregaux have also changed their best-known models to accommodate complex functions.