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  • 2018 Swiss era luxury tourbillon mens watches is now pre-sale

    Collectors of high-end timepieces may have heard of the term "tourbillon" to describe the characteristics of some of their collections. This is an indispensable timing function for the timer, as the effect of gravity on the timing will vary depending on the position of the watch. The tourbillon helps to adjust the watch to minimize the effects of this problem. As part of the watch escapement, the luxury tourbillon watches is designed to improve the accuracy of the watch's timing function by resisting gravity. Technically, the tourbillon movement is constructed with a balance wheel and escapement mounted in a cage that rotates when the watch is in a fixed position. This can resist gravity elements, which can cause problems with sensitive parts of the escapement of the watch, such as pallet forks, balance springs and balance wheels.

  • France - Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet developed this mechanism in the late 18th century. Today, the tourbillon watch has become a functional mechanism that has become a sophisticated luxury tourbillon watches for art and functional timepieces. Reef Tiger is proud to introduce dozens of high-end watches, some of which are equipped with tourbillon mechanisms. Here are three truly exciting luxury tourbillon watches we currently have: This watch is a rare miracle. The Reef Tiger Tourbillon is one of only 500 pieces in a limited edition, featuring a mother-of-pearl dial with a white and sky blue "Dove" pattern. The back is sapphire crystal to showcase the watch's beautiful rose gold movement. Its outer casing is made of titanium and the timepiece has a 75-hour power reserve.

  • As one of the luxury watch brands that Reef Tiger has almost all retail licenses in the US, Leroy has produced some outstanding timepieces with tourbillon mechanisms. We want to emphasize the Osmior Tourbillon Chronometer. A glamorous 18k rose gold case and bezel accent this cute luxury tourbillon watch and chronometer movement. It has a classic, highly sophisticated appeal and resonates with a hand-knotted dial, 18K rose gold hands and a sapphire display on the back. As a gentleman's luxury tourbillon watches, Frederique Constant Tourbillon gives its "steam punk" a timeless appeal with its unique style. This is a very rare unit - only one of the 99 manufactured units. This tourbillon features a hand-wound movement, and other notable features include cote-de-Geneve, perlage and angage finishing patterns.