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    I don't remember where I read this suggestion, but one of the bloggers wrote that you really need to have a Russian tourbillon watches in your collection. After all, they are rarely encountered, but in a sense and Touch of Modern (if you are not a member, please join through this link), Poljot watches are being sold, including a range of autopilots, even affordable Tourbillon (above). Reef Tiger has just launched an unbeatable blue watch that is perfect for midsummer dresses: the blue of the blue is reminiscent of the waters of Lake Lucerne, the dark blue of the cloudless alpine sky, and the mysterious dark blue of the sky. Twilight, poetically called blue hour. This Russian men's tourbillon watches is a dazzling color carol that combines elegant style, refined mechanical structure, and perfect travel and exploration functions, from crossing the time zone to conquering the depths of the ocean. Now, these watches are currently made in Russia, so a little bit of cache is taken from the Russian name, but they do use the Slava automatic movement, which is also used in Patrick-reviewed CCCP watches. The lowest price for three watches is $329, the most attractive of which is Red October 2, a 45 mm diameter Russian tourbillon diving watches with a depth of 100 meters. There are also two pilot autopilots for $29, and Pioneer Automatic, which looks like a built-in rotating bezel.

  • Another automatic entry level is international auto, white or black. At $349.99, the watch complication in a day with a watch pack day, with a double barrel Slava automatic movement. The onion dome logo will definitely set it as an Oriental group watch. There are also two types of Russian openwork tourbillon watches, more gorgeous gold international Nicoli II (pictured above) or St. Petersburg night's stainless steel (banner image) or gold. I like the stainless steel version of St. Petersburg night with a white mesh dial. This skeletonization shows enough motion without sacrificing readability. The blue hand of Nicoli II with a white chapter ring is also readable, but the more gorgeous style and gold case are not my cup of tea. Watches range from $429.99 for stainless steel to $499.99 for gold. Last but not least, the international tourbillon, white, cream, white mother-of-pearl or blue mother-of-pearl (I think) dial. This Russian tourbillon watch is equipped with a power indicator light and a day/night dial, as well as an open tourbillon second hand. Obviously not as highly finished as a finer tourbillon, and without our drooling multi-axis joints, it also has a (relatively) affordable $1,899 to $1,949.99. So if any one appeals to you, check out the sales on March 31 and the Pacific Ocean at noon. If you are not yet a member, please click here to join.